Advertise with Yabba is an exciting new website that specialises in sport in the Canberra region.

Following launch of the site by the ACT Minister for Sport on 26 March 2015, the site has grown rapidly. We cover a wide and growing range of sport. We particularly focus on high participation sports such as Netball, Hockey, Basketball and Cycling as well as more traditional Australian sports such as AFL, Cricket, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Soccer. The site has already reported on over 20 different sports and the range of sports we cover will continue to grow. We have a distinctly local focus with regular reporting on sports competitions and sports personalities within the Canberra region.

ACT Minister for Sport, Mr Shane Rattenbury, MLA, formally launches the Yabba site. Image: David Grant

We see the Canberra region extending out to regional centres such as Queanbeyan, Goulburn, Albury, Wagga Wagga, Yass and Cooma who often have teams and players participating in local competitions.

An important aim of the site is to highlight the positive impact of sport, not just on the health of individuals, but also on community well being and understanding in a multicultural society.

We also seek to promote women’s sports. Encouraging more women to participate in and read about sport is vital to addressing the decline in physical activity amongst Australian children and also to ensure greater recognition and reward of Australia’s sportswomen.

Why advertise with

The Yabba website:

  • Gives advertisers access to a rapidly growing number of sports participants and followers in the Canberra region, particularly of those sports that get limited coverage in traditional media, including women’s sports;
  • Is a low cost, high impact alternative to traditional advertising channels;
  • Provides the ability to develop an advertising package that takes advantage of tailored editorials, photography and video as well as social media to enable more effective communication;
  • Enables more robust measurement of the number of local individuals who see an advertisement than is possible via traditional media – and an avenue to click through to the advertiser’s website to read more about their product or service offering and to make an immediate purchase;
  • Opens up the option of partnering with local sports associations and as a means of supporting specific local sports whilst at the same time securing more tangible business benefits from the support provided.

Key statistics

Within a few months after our formal launch, we are reaching over 8,000 unique monthly readers and over 20,000 monthly page views. We aim for this to grow steadily over the next six months with our target being to reach over 20,000 unique monthly readers and 50,000 monthly page views by early 2016.

We aim to do this by covering an increasing range of sports and local competitions through a growing number of people who write for us. To date, over 50 Canberrans have written for Yabba.

Our strategy has been to develop close relationships with a range of sports associations and local teams who follow us on Twitter and share our articles on Facebook. This enables us to access a large and growing readership.

Service offerings

We have a range of offerings which we can tailor to an advertiser’s needs including sponsorship of specific articles; display advertising; sponsored editorials; video; and strategic partnerships.

Our core offering is via display advertising. Advertisers can book an advertisement with us online and know what it will cost by using the online booking arrangements below. Please note that the prices below are subject to on-going review as the site grows and that we reserve the right to not accept an advertisement if it conflicts with our values (see About Us for our values).

In purchasing display advertising with, advertisers agree to accept our terms and conditions as stipulated here.

Interested advertisers should email us on to  discuss how we can help to promote their business using a display advertisement that can start from a cost as low as $100 for a month.

Other options for advertising with Yabba include:

  • Article Sponsorship – Yabba regularly publishes articles on specific issues or human interest stories that can be linked to the values of individual advertisers. Sponsorship of such articles, together with social media support, can start from as little as $100 for an article that will remain on the Yabba front page for at least one week.
  • Sponsored editorials – We will work with you to draft a quality editorial about your business. These are offered as a package with associated display advertising and social media support. Prices start from $200 for an editorial that remains on our front page for at least one week.
  • Video – This will increasingly become the way of online advertising. Talk to us about how we can tailor an advertising video for your needs at a price that suits you.
  • Strategic partnership – We aim to work with you to develop a complete strategy to promote your business to the Canberra region sports community over a 3-6 month period. We would tailor this strategy to your needs and your budget. It can also be tailored to form a three way partnership with the sports of your choice.

To talk to us about any of these options, please email to